Making the Movie Day 2003


Sorry for the delay, here’s my update.

Last night was the opening reception for From Africa to Brooklyn: From Great to Great, a student exhibition at MoCada. These aren’t just any students, these are the students I teach twice a week at the Brooklyn Community Art Media High School (there is artwork on display from other non-my students as well). My kids have created a mural about the feelings of loss and displacement experienced when they were first confronted with the fact that they are of African decent and at the same time rootless unable to connect yourself to a specific past beyond slavery feeling. The piece is called Culture Choas and I strongly encourage you to come out and support the work of these young artists. Hours and hours went into putting the entire exhibit together, it was organized by Ruby Amanze, Director of Education at MoCADA.

The class I teach at Brooklyn Community Art Media High School is called Slash and the purpose is to help students embrace multiple artistic identities. I think I am well equipped to provide some insight on this experience: as I juggle my teacher/filmmaker/photographer/director/designer duties all in one week.   Shooting all day today…. wondering if I have room for another slash.


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