Making the Movie Day 2021

tree of life

Here is my Tree of Life Review- I don’t reveal much, but you may want to wait until you have seen the film to read this.

I’m a sucker for ambition and this is the most ambitious movie I’ve seen in several years. It’s Brad Pitt’s best performance to date (Since 12 monkeys)

The naturalism in the photography paired with the surrealism of the images was something I’m tryna bite up for the future.
The way he told the story in such a linear fashion was unexpected. It was in some ways the simplest movie ever. It felt like going through Terrence Malick‘s photo album and reliving the memories as if you were inside his mind. The older the memory the more surreal, brief, and unclear, as he gets older things get clearer longer, and more dramatic.
It was so DIRECTLY pulled from how all people remember their childhood. I liked how it made the idea of america in the 50’s sort of sinister and evil and compromised in it’s ideals. It was beautiful but it was still mysogenist and hyper capitalist and cold. The part where he goes to the black side of town was amazing. The main character was the greatest performance I have seeen from a child on screen… EVER. I’ve directed children in almost every movie i’ve made and I can’t concieve of how to get such naturalistic and dark emotions out of them. Almost everything the kids have to emote is emotionally layered and nuanced and they seemed to have no problem going there.
Gotta see it again.
The story of the beginning of the earth was great and again i love the idea of making something so conceptually simple.
The script could have read:
The story of the universe
The story of my life from birth to age 12
That was the entirety of the plot content but it was such a fresh and simple articulation of those two things.


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