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We just got a great review in The New Yorker!

“This brisk and self-searching, sharply intelligent and deeply vulnerable romantic comedy is a masterwork of reflexive construction. The young director, Terence Nance, builds the film around his 2006 short, “How Would You Feel?,” a love story in the conditional mode in which he co-stars, with […]

mirror terence and namik

AN OVERSIMPLIFICATION featured in Philadelphia Weekly

“Original and so much more, Terence Nance’s relentlessly naval-gazing feature debut abandons narrative for a restless, shape-shifting experiment in self-documentation…Live action gives way to dreamy animation, the personal gives way to the universal, and you will not see anything remotely like this at the PFF […]

Caos Gallery

Flux @ Caos Gallery Features Terence Nance

Flux  @ Caos Gallery 923 F Street NW Washington, DC October 20, 2012 Reception at 7PM In conjunction with Nuit Blanche DC, Jessica N. Bell will be presenting Flux, a temporal exhibition of time-based media, featuring artists Chukwuma Agubokwu, Lara Stein Pardo, Terence Nance, Nyugen […]

An Oversimplification

A Conversation With Terence Nance

Terence Nance is in L.A. for a hot minute: the LAFilmFest is screening his elaborate, soul-searching feature debut An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. He looks like a party with his chunky fro, bold fashion risks and lethal-distance smile. But there’s something reserved about him—his choice of words is […]

Animation vol 4

IndieWire: Nance among group of DIY Animators keeping animation alive

“Terence Nance’s debut narrative “An Oversimplification of Her Beauty” has impressed film festival audiences for its similarly low-budget animation used to reflect his inner feelings about a decaying romance.” – Indiewire Visit Indiewire to read more about the new era of Pixar and the responsibility of […]

San Francisco International Film Festival

“An Oversimplification” at The San Francisco International Film Festival

“Traveling through the layers of the heart, peeling back the dizziness of lust, catapulting you into the cauldron of desire and of heartache, and ultimately; obsessively exploring the self-reflection that grows and spreads like wildfire as Terrance falls in love with his brilliantly bold friend […]

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91.7 FM San Fransico Interview with Terence Nance

KALW contributor Kevin Robinson sat down with Terence Nance to discuss How Do You Feel, the short film that lead to to feature An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. “The movie is goddess worship in a certain way. It is a celebration of the women in […]

Montclair Film Festival screening

A Gorgeous Oversimplification of Melodrama at The Montclair Film Festival

“At once intimate and publicly self-aware, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty uses editing to emphasize the introspective nature of the film’s message.” Read the Baristanet article about the An Oversimplification of Her Beauty screening at the Montclair Film Festival.

Director Terence Nance

The Bold Italic San Francisco Profiles director Terence Nance

The Bold Italic – San Francisco asks director Terence Nance a few questions before he makes his way to the Bay for the 55th San Francisco International Film Festival. Check out what he has to say here! San Francisco International Film Festival 2012  AN OVERSIMPLIFICATION […]


Bomblog interview with Terence Nance

Pamela Cohn interviewed Terence Nance for Still in Motion. She wrote: “His debut feature is about a young man’s love for a young woman, a woman who also happens to be his very close friend—a vérité documentary-feature narrative-animation-film-within-a-film (got that?).” Read the full interview here.

Terence and Chanelle DIFF

103.7 Lite FM Reviews An Oversimplification

“Visually, this film is stunningly beautiful. The cinematography of the live action is intimate as the relationship depicted hopes to be. The animation is a gorgeous and colorful cornucopia. You can see the vulnerability of the hopeful lover and his charming sense of humor at […]

Director, Terence Nance

Shadow and Act “Finding the New Black” Interview

Shadow and Act interviewed Terence Nance as part of the “Finding the New Black” series. Read Terence’s reflections on making the film, black masculinity, his expectations for the film and future projects featuring “The Swarm” here.

I Will Follow

36th Cleveland International Film Festival prepares to launch

For years, the Cleveland International Film Festival has spotlighted diversity through a wide array of films about minorities, gays and lesbians, oppressed women and people willing to stand up for social-justice causes. Starting Thursday, as the 36th festival kicks off at Tower City Cinemas, the […]

AN Oversimplification of Her Beauty

Independent Magazine Senior Film Critic Kurt Brokaw Reviews “An Oversimplification”

Imagine a self-indulgent, self-conscious, live-action romance exploring the pangs of unrequited young love in Brooklyn today. What a lame premise. Now imagine it deftly executed through animation, claymation puppetry, cut-cut paper sculptures, and a slew of other visual techniques by a filmmaker who possesses both […]

Terence Nance and Namik Minter

New Directors/New Films Review: An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

You’re not supposed to begin an essay with a digression, but since the film I’m about to write about is a deceptive concatenation of digressions, it somehow seems appropriate to break the unspoken rule. Read more…

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty - Nance Matthews

Sundance 2012 Top Picks: Keeping Us Human

Roya Rastegar at the Huffington Post lists An Oversimplification of Her Beauty as her #1 film at the Sundance Film Festival this year! “Selected from over 2,000 submissions, this year’s American fiction films not only gauge the vitality of independent filmmaking in the U.S., but […]

Viola Davis - The Help

The Space Between: The Help, Red Tails, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty and the Problem With Black Cinema

“It’s officially Oscar season in America and as a guy with an intense appreciation for film, I can’t help but be a little reflective around this time. Recently, “black cinema” or movies that feature stories with predominantly black casts, have been the talk of Tinseltown. […]

Terence Laundry

Santa Barbara Independent Interview with director Terence Nance

Check out this Santa Barbara Independent interview with director Terence Nance! “This multimedia feature mixes film, animation, puppetry, home video, Japanese carpentry, book reviews, and more to explore loves both lost and could-be. Along the way, it seriously messes with linear storytelling, turns honest self-analysis […]

Terence and Namik


Sundance 2012 is in the wind, but Stephen and Patrick from the National Film Society are back with another interview they filmed during the festival. This time out, the duo sit down with director Terence Nance (An Oversimplification of Her Beauty) and actress Namik Minter. […]

The Words

Sundance Day 7 Buzz Meter: Bradley Cooper Tries to Find The Words

‘An Oversimplification of Her Beauty’ featured in Vulture Magazine’s Day Seven list of Sundance 2012 Films: “One of the smallest films at Sundance this year is also one of the best. A stunning meditation on the way we fret and obsess over the details of a […]

Namik Minter and Terence Nance

VIDEO: The Grid Interviews Director Terence Nance and Muse/Actress Namik Minter

The Sundance Project 2012 continues with an interview with Terence Nance and Namik Minter, the director/actor and actress behind AN OVERSIMPLIFICATION OF HER BEAUTY.  The film uses live action and animation to tell the story of Terence and Namik’s relationship.  The thing is – Namik didn’t […]

AN Oversimplification of Her Beauty

Filmmaker Magazine Interview with Director, Terence Nance

Watching Terence Nance’s Oversimplification Of Her Beauty is like being talked through the contents of a shoebox, each item another memento of The One That Got Away. Live action, animation, claymation reenactments, direct-to-camera address by him, on-camera interviews of her by him, blurry, amateur footage shot by […]

Ice T and others at 2012 Sundance ASCAP Cafe Mentions Terence Etc. and the Et Cetera at 2012 Sundance ASCAP Cafe

The Sundance Institute will, for the first time, present live music nightly in the Park City, Utah, art gallery space converted into the ASCAP Music Café concert hall for afternoon performances. At least two musicians will perform nightly, a mix of singers with music in […]