How Can You Help?
You can help fund this film by clicking on the “Donate” button! All transactions are safe and secure thanks to Paypal. When contributing via Paypal, please use the email address:

How Will These Funds be Used?
100 percent of the funds collected will be used to cover festival submission fees and travel costs for cast and crew to represent the film. Funds will also be used for administrative and post production tasks associated with delivering the film for theatrical, DVD, and digital distribution (licensing music, mastering and mixing the updated score, and creating finishing materials).
How Else Can You Help?
Money is not the only way to contribute! We can use your help in all sorts of ways – the first of which would be for you to spread the word! We cannot overstate the importance of posting this website to your Facebook page, Twitter account, Tumblr page, or any other source of social media available to you these days. And don’t just share once – do it daily! Weekly! Make it a part of your routine!

Another, more effective way to spread the word is to:

  • Open your address book
  • Make a list of each person in your address book with a sizable amount of disposable income
  • Call each person on the list and have a conversation with them. Try to convince them that they should have a conversation with any one of our wonderful production team members about investing in the film. When they inevitably agree to do so, set up a meeting between the team and this friend of yours. Our email is

If you can’t get this wealthy friend of yours on the phone, send them a personal email and cc Terence at Tell them why they should meet him and contribute to this film.

Don’t have any wealthy friends? You can still help out in several other ways. We always need talented, organized, motivated, creative people around to:

  • help to make contact with possible funding sources
  • perform administrative work in the production office
  • help promote the film

And lastly, we also accept well wishes, words of encouragement, and hugs! Thanks so much for visiting and don’t forget to spread the word. Everything you do helps!