The Art of The Movie Trailer

As AN OVERSIMPLIFICATION OF HER BEAUTY makes it way around the festival circuit, people can’t help but notice the raw energy the film brings to the table…or in this instance, the big screen. But even before they purchased a ticket to a screening, what moved them to actually want to see the film in the first place? I’m sure word of mouth or press and publicity got the job done, but sometimes that just might not be enough and that is when THE ART OF THE MOVIE TRAILER comes in hand. It takes skill to condense an entire film into a visual synopsis, highlighting just enough interesting points to leave the viewer hungry for more and let me tell you…Terence Nance got it right!  If you haven’t peeped the trailer of AN OVERSIMPLIFICATION OF HER BEAUTY, check out this great review that gives praise to the art form (because trailers need love too) and showcases the film along with a few others that also got it right. If you like what you see, pass it along so others can be hype about it, and then go buy a ticket to your nearest screening. Don’t act as if a really dope movie trailer didn’t have you counting down the days til it hit theaters or updating your Facebook/Twitter statuses about movie plans that weekend…well let us have that effect on you too.