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Hi, I’m Terence Nance. I am the writer and director of An Oversimplification of Her Beauty I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I have a big family there and we make sweet potato pie for large family meals, not pumpkin. Dallas is not for me at this point, one has to drive if one needs to go anywhere so I’m living in the more walkable Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been here for almost 2 years now and I really like it, mostly because of The Swarm*. I came here after living in paris for a few years on an artist residency. Before that I was going to NYU to earn my M.F.A. and that was buckets of fun, and while there I made an installation, designed some T-shirts, fell in love, directed some movies, and was bestruken (I made that word up) by 8 million other Ideas. As you can see I am in the post production phase of my first feature, which is not unlike being in purgatory. It is called An Oversimplification of Her Beauty and I think It will make you smile, several times over a period of just over an hour.

A Brooklyn baby, Namik Minter has always had her hand in creative projects. With beginnings of making hours of home videos, she later explored gas blowing, silver smithing, sculptural installations and graphic design eventually earning her art degree from Yale University. She has since moved into advertising where she works at BBDO NY as a Content Producer for big brand clients. Outside of work, she teaches neo soul food cooking classes, makes lotion, acts, and models while pondering the next big thing. She is the reason the movie exists.

Chanelle Pearson is a Bronx-bred, Brooklyn-based artist and researcher whose work promotes cultural heritage, social justice, and individual and collective empowerment. Chanelle leverages film, still photography, fine art, and applied research to challenge systems of oppression 
and to address social and economic disparities facing people of color and other marginalized communities. Chanelle currently serves as the Director of Still and Moving Images at Media MVMT, a Brooklyn-based film production company. In this role, she oversees the development of all film and photography projects and manages accompanying social action campaigns through strategic partnerships with community-based organizations. She has produced MoCADA TV, a web series highlighting artists, businesses and cultural institutions that serve the African Diaspora. Most recently, she was the associate producer for the film “An Oversimplification of Her Beauty,” a 2012 Sundance Film Festival selection. Chanelle holds a bachelor’s degree from DePauw University and a master’s degree in public administration from New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

Andrew D Corkin of Uncorked Productions, studied film and television production, concentrating on producing, at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. In 2007, with Borderline Films, Andrew Associate Produced his first feature, Afterschool, which premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for the 2009 Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature. Continuing his work with Borderline Films, he Co-Produced their short film, Mary Last Seen and their award-winning feature, Martha Marcy May Marlene, both premiering at Sundance. Martha was sold to Fox Searchlight at Sundance in 2011. Recently, Andrew worked with Bronson Club, out of Finland, to Co-Produce their English language debut, Love & Other Troubles, starring Emilie De Ravin, and also collaborated with SeeThink Films to Produce Andrew Neel’s narrative debut, King Kelly. Under Uncorked, he Produced the 8-episode web-series, The Walker, starring Academy-Award nominee Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan, and Rightor Doyle. Working with Brooklyn-based filmmaker/artist/musician Terence Nance, Andrew Produced Terence’s feature, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, which was selected into the 2012 Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier category.

As a successful marketer, strategist, entrepreneur, and producer experienced in such areas as publishing, new media, music production and film production, James Bartlett has engineered the growth of multiple artists and media brands. Bartlett served as Director of Business Development for The Ave Magazine, managing both circulation and marketing activities for the publication. Bartlett also conceived and executed the online marketing campaign for a book of short stories, Next Stop Hollywood, published by St. Martin’s Press, which recently had two stories optioned by major film studios. In addition to serving as Chief Executive of Media MVMT and Embassy MVMT, Bartlett has had a major hand in several film productions for Media MVMT. He produced the music videos, “Breathe,” and “Something to Believe” both for Blitz the Ambassador. He also serves as one of the producers on Terence Nance’s debut feature film, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty Bartlett’s proven talents lie in his ability to analyze business structures and scenarios and identify actionable steps necessary to reach successful outcomes. Bartlett holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Loyola University Chicago and a Master’s Degree in Publishing from New York University. He is pictured here as Terence because the two are vocal twins.

Cat Miles is an event planner, project manager, communications strategist, public relations specialist, and novice photographer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Cat received a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Columbia University. Her interest in policy reform, civic engagement, branding and communications has led to a successful career in non-profit fundraising and marketing in which she most recently served as Marketing and Events Manager at The Children’s Aid Society. Cat has expanded her expertise to include media production through collaborating with Media MVMT, where she is Public Relations Director and Associate Producer of the feature film, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. She combines years of experience with her deep interest in visual art as she freelances in a field she refers to as “Imagination Consulting.”




Paul Bernon, Joy Bryant, Wyatt Cenac, Media MVMT, Jason Weissman, Tope Balogun

Jocelyn Cooper, Juliet Gilliam, Dream Hampton, Natasha Logan, Wangechi Mutu, Hank Willis Thomas

CINEMATOGRAPHY by Matthew E. Bray & Shawn Peters

SOUND DESIGN by Vincent Wheeler

Emory Allen, Hannah J Buck, Sam Corey, Coire Dangerous, Audrey Halgand, Markus Kempken, Leo and Natasha, Jeanne Mailloux, and Timo Prousalis

Stephanie Matthews and Iyadede

Diego Cumplido, Pieter Van Dijken, Dale Hayward, Josh Le Good, Catherine Minh, Ed Smith, Aude Yosa Vallo, Arbel Cohen, Andres Feliz, Emily Sherman, and Matthew Williams

*The Swarm is a demographic with 5 criteria for inclusion. They are not mutually exclusive. 1. The Swarm consists of people who are of color or culturally of color 2. The Swarm consists of people who went to a four year university, most of whom graduated. 3. The Swarm consists of people who work in a non-corporate environment or aspires to do so: Education, Philanthropy / Activism, Art or Film, Government. 4. In New York City, The Swarm lives in Bed Stuy, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, and Crown Heights, and to a lesser degree Flatbush, Washington Heights and occasionally Harlem. The Swarm NEVER lives in Williamsburg,”The City”, or Queens unless they are originally from one of these places. 5. The Swarm consists of people who largely deny that they are in The Swarm… The Swarm is BEAUTIFUL